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One more thought on FAFSA

22 January 2014 by Roy Southil

Montana students can now get free help to complete the FAFSA. Read more

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Scholarships and financial aid for Indian citizens and residents

FAFSA: Have you applied?

It’s never too late to apply

22 January 2014 by Roy Southil

Read more on the first steps in Fafsa

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University of Texas San Antonio to host FAFSA workshops

University of Texas San Antonio to host FAFSA workshops at Main and Downtown campuses

20 January 2014 by Roy Southil

University of Texas San Antonio will host Student Aid San Antonio from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 25 in the Business Building Computer Lab (2.01.20).

FAFSA Wednesdays

FAFSA Wednesdays workshops will be held at University of Texas San Antonio every Wednesday from Feb. 5 through March 12.


At the Downtown Campus, the events will be 10 a.m.-noon in Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services in Frio Street Building Room 1.504.

At the Main Campus, the events will be 2-4 p.m. at the first-floor computer kiosks outside Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services in the John Peace Library.

Students should bring the following documents to submit the 2014-2015 FAFSA in addition to parent or spouse information if applicable:

2013 (preferred) income tax return or 2012 tax return
2013 W-2 form and other records of money earned
Birthdate, Social Security number, Alien Registration number, Texas driver license
Record of child support paid or received
Record of taxable earnings included in Adjusted Gross Income
Bank statements, stocks, bonds and other investment records; and business, farm and real estate records (not including the home you live in)

For further info:

For more information, contact Lara Crouch, UTSA Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services, at 210-458-2803.

UTSA FAFSA web page

Federal FAFSA web page

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How to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

How to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

20 January 2014 by Roy Southil

Sixty-three percent of college and university students receive an average of $7,400 a year to help pay for education.
Free event are held at numerous locations throughout the United States to help students learn how to get thousands of dollars to pay for college education.

Students and their families will learn how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form that is required to apply for federal financial aid for higher education. Students will receive complete instructions for successfully completing and submitting their FAFSA. Other helpful information on selecting college and courses also will be available at most venues. Contact your college financial aid officer or counselor for events and dates.

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How-To Guide for High School Students

How-To Guide for High School Students

20 January 2014 by Roy Southil

Join the Center for New York City Affairs ( for the release of its latest “FAFSA: How-To Guide for High School Students” and a discussion about what needs to happen nationally and locally to ensure that the next generation of college students can afford to matriculate.

Watch video on youtube

Download pdf guide: Creating College Ready Communities

To read scholarships for Indian citizens and residents visit

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Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Early Career Fellowships

Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance Early Career Fellowships

7 January 2014 by Roy Southil

The Wellcome Trust is a global charity dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. It supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. The India Alliance is its first venture internationally where it has partnered with the Government to build capacity not only by providing funding for science but also by training a Grants unit that follows internationally recognized processes.

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, was formed in 1986, giving a new impetus to the development of the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India. It has made a significant impact on the growth and application of biotechnology in the broad areas of agriculture, healthcare, animal sciences, environment and industry.

Together, this partnership is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Indian scientific community with outstanding biomedical researchers.  The India Alliance offers four Fellowship schemes to basic biomedical scientists, clinicians, public health researchers and veterinarians who wish to pursue academic research in India. This scheme provides a unique opportunity for the most promising postdoctoral researchers to carry out research in India.

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, launched on 9 September 2008, is an £80 million initiative funded equally by The Wellcome Trust, UK and Department of Biotechnology, India.

Early Career Fellowships

Tenure: Five years (full time).


Applicants can be of any nationality and their PhD need not have been taken in India. Applicants must be in the final year of their PhD studies or have no more than four years of postdoctoral research experience from the date of their PhD viva to the full application submission deadline. Career breaks or time spent outside the research environment will be considered but has to be clearly mentioned in the application.

If the candidates hold/are being considered/have a commitment for a faculty position, they should write to the Office with their CV before submitting the application.

It is mandatory that applicants carry out their Fellowship project in a laboratory that is not their Thesis laboratory or Thesis environment. If there are compelling reasons to continue in or return to applicants’ thesis laboratory, please contact the Office.
Fellowships may not be taken up prior to the completion of a successful PhD viva. The Fellowship must be started within one year of being awarded. The final year or a majority of the final year of the Fellowship must be spent in host institution in India.


Research expenses that include materials and consumables; animals; support to attend scientific meetings; and equipment like laptop are provided. Additional allowances for travel and overseas subsistence for work outside the Host Institution of up to 24 months to an external laboratory either in India or abroad.

The total award for an Early Career Fellowship typically amounts to INR 1.5 Crores. This includes the costs requested by the applicant as well as the set contributions by the India Alliance. For further details, see costing policies.

Fellow’s personal support

The India Alliance has set a level of personal support for each scheme amounting to Rs 8,06,400/ year. In addition to this, for Early Career Fellows who have requested overseas visits, a subsistence allowance of Rs 1,50,000/ month will be provided.

Overhead Costs: The India Alliance will make a contribution towards the indirect costs incurred by the host institution in housing the research, and is set at 10% of the total award.

Work outside host institution: The India Alliance will provide a contribution to carry out research outside the host institution, either in India or abroad, for Early Career up to 2 years.

Working elsewhere in India: Emoluments/subsistence would be provided in line with that of local rates. Travel costs must be specified by the applicant.

Working abroad: Applicants will be provided with an emolument/allowance of Rs 1.5 Lakhs per month. In addition, a total of Rs 1.5 Lakhs would be provided to cover travel costs.

Contingency fund: To meet unanticipated costs contingency fund called Flexible Funding Allowance of Rs.50,000 will be provided.


Current Competition
Preliminary application launch: 1 May 2013
Preliminary application deadline: 13 June 2013
Invited full application deadline: 3 September 2013
Selection Committee short-listing: January 2014
Interviews for short-listed candidates: February 2014

Application process

A preliminary application can be submitted through the online system, IASys. Please ensure that the form is submitted by the published deadline.

Preliminary application will normally be assessed within one month of the submission deadline. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application. The full application will be peer reviewed and considered by the appropriate Selection Committee. Successful candidates will be short-listed for interview. Short-listed candidates will be notified two weeks before the interview date.

Further information: Please visit the fellowship page

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